EMIT Report 2021 - English Speaking Countries

Anglophone countries faced huge challenges with nationwide COVID-19 lockdowns. The impact of the disease has resulted in millions of Africans suffering from significant social, political, spiritual, and economic hardships. The cost of living skyrocketed over the last 12 months.  Increasing poverty levels and the lack of social interaction resulted in huge social problems.  

EMIT responded to these challenges by acting early and developing a training model that could continue even in these harsh circumstances. Our committees were trained to act as facilitators and our programs changed to small group training events early in the second half of 2020.  

It was not always as easy as it sounds.  Some of our volunteer leaders even resisted these changes initially.  EMIT decided to push through non-the-less.  The results of these early actions became very apparent as the first positive feedback started to come in from our small group meetings. Not only did the students engage better in small groups but they also became co-responsible for the vision.  In many of our countries, we even saw an increase in student numbers.  

Another major benefit from the small groups was that the students now held each other responsible and became more accountable for finding solutions for communities in need.  This led to bigger social interaction and new programs started by our students to transform their communities. 

Food hampers were donated. Hot meals were served to frontline workers in hospitals. Personal care packages and hygiene packs were distributed in informal settlements. Thousands of vulnerable and neglected children received food daily.  

Residents and community leaders responded with gratitude to programs that were led by EMIT volunteers. We closed 2020 on a much higher note than what we started.  Instead of focusing on the problems, the Lord helped us to focus on the opportunities.  This led to much higher creativity and involvement.  To God be the Glory!