Africa Desperately Needs New Answers for Old Problems

Change Agents

EMIT has positioned itself as a respected and effective change agent in Africa. We exist to bring about transformation in a continent that desperately needs new answers for old problems. We do this by influencing individuals to move and think in the same direction. By focusing on spiritual, character, leadership and professional skills development, we educate and inspire leaders in various pillars of society to become agents of change in their communities and nations.


Multiplication is part of the EMIT DNA. When students enroll, we require them to identify at least ten leaders from their communities to mentor. This organic mentorship-training network reaches into the remotest of communities across Africa and has full access to the EMIT training material. Our students multiply themselves by imparting their knowledge, skills, character, and spirit into those they train. This multiplication impact leads to a movement of transformation.


There is always a tension between knowledge and application. While there may be institutions providing Africa with access to information, the knowledge provided rarely translates into applied skills and transformation. One of the main reasons for the non-application of knowledge is a lack of understanding of the uniqueness of African culture. EMIT has its roots in Africa. We understand the uniqueness of the continent and have developed our material to address the needs and challenges of Africa. Our leadership programs are designed to support the practical application of knowledge in the African context.