The essence of leadership is to make a difference in your sphere of influence. - O O Isaac

About Us

Transforming Nations
by developing leaders

EMIT provides wholistic development of influential leaders, increasing their effectiveness to transform every segment of society.

  • More than five hundred thousand leaders

    530 000 leaders in 17 countries - each leader enlists a team of ten influencers.

  • Reaching into remote areas

    Proven longevity in the development of indigenous leaders reaches into the remotest areas of Africa.

  • Impacting all spheres of society

    Influential leaders from all spheres of society exposed to our material.

  • 28 years experience

    We are experienced and effective at changing communities in Africa.

  • Multiplication impact

    Our leaders develop at least 10 other leaders.

  • Unique development model

    Unique development model in 8 major languages.

how her life can be

if we can equip
her decision-makers,
her role-models,
her leaders.

Africa's leaders have the power to transform lives.


EQUIPPED LEADERS who improve well-being within their spheres of impact.

They are mentors that multiply themselves by imparting skills and life-changing values.

What we do

By focusing on spiritual, character, leadership and professional skills development, we educate and inspire leaders in various pillars of society to become agents of change in their communities and nations.

  • Purposeful Leadership

    Our students are vibrant, dynamic and committed leaders with a passion for influencing and transforming their communities.

  • Change Agents

    We exist to bring about transformation in a continent that desperately needs new answers for old problems.

  • Multiplication

    When students enroll, we require them to identify at least ten leaders from their communities to mentor.

  • Application

    Our leadership programs are designed to support the practical application of knowledge in the African context.

How we do it

A NETWORK OF INFLUENCERS reaching into the remotest areas of Africa

The EMIT strategy is unique, and IT WORKS! We developed an indigenous curriculum for leaders within different spheres of influence. Our material encompasses three main areas:

- Spiritual and character development
- Leadership development
- Professional Skills development

  • Understanding influence

    Understanding that all leaders have influence is the foundation of the EMIT strategy. All leaders can inspire others to action and change.

  • Believe in the indigenous leader

    The indigenous leader is at the center of the solution for the problems of Africa. Africa doesn’t need charity - she needs quality leaders.

  • Indigenous training facility

    EMIT was birthed in Africa by Africans. More than 90% of our training faculty is African - our teachers understand the continent and its people. They teach from personal experience.

  • Changing the narrative

    Africa is rising. To an outside observer, the change may seem slow, but to us on the ground, it is becoming continuously more and more evident that something radical is happening. This change that we initiated has a life of its own. We are picking up speed! Africa is rewriting her narrative as the continent of opportunity.

  • Unique Curriculum

    The EMIT curriculum has been developed over almost 30 years by Africans. It demonstrates an understanding of the African culture, people and challenges. We approach these with clarity and wisdom. The curriculum addresses the complete person by focussing on spiritual, character, leadership and skills development.

  • Multiplication Impact

    EMIT students are required to multiply themselves by enlisting at least ten other leaders and equipping them with the same training material. This multiplication-methodology impacts communities that would otherwise be far beyond the reach of conventional training institutions.

  • Taking responsibility

    Change must come from within. We challenge our leaders to take responsibility to implement change and not become dependent on external support.

  • Huge footprint

    EMIT has trained over 530 000 leaders in 28 years. We are an established brand with a proven impact for change in communities across the continent.

  • 28 years of experience

    EMIT has proven longevity in training leaders in Africa, giving us an advantage over others that have little or no knowledge of the continent, its culture, diversity, and challenges.

It's Working Watch!

530 000 STUDENTS

Longevity is a rare asset in a world and culture that rapidly and frequently changes. EMIT started its operations more than 28 years ago in Zambia and Malawi. Over the next 28 years it grew to the benchmark of training leaders on the continent. Currently operating in 17 African countries, EMIT reaches more than 23 000 leaders with its unique and culturally relevant curricula per year. Serving leaders from all spheres of society with skills needed to bring positive societal change, is at the core of EMIT’s vision.

With more than 530 000 leaders already exposed to the transformative training materials, EMIT is preparing itself to increase its impact to other spheres of sociaty. 


22 575 Leaders currently in training
17 Countries we are serving
83 Number of Projects
    530 000     Leaders Impacted

Partners & Accreditations

The core reason for broken communities can be placed at the feet of leadership.  Investing in leadership is a strategic investment in the future prosperity of our world. This is not a short-term handout, but an intentional distribution of resources to achieve long-term impact and transformation of communities.  

Our partners understand the value and potential of this investment. The strategic distribution and implementation of resources, to achieve maximum Kingdom impact and expansion, is at the core of our relationship with our partners. We are proud to be associated with these like-minded individuals and organizations. Together we will make a difference!