A Few Decades Ago, Two Visionaries Dreamed of an Africa that is Prosperous and Self-sufficient

Chris de Wet and Karel Sanders knew that this was an ambitious vision. Their plan was simple but very strategic: do not waste time, energy and resources on treating symptoms - fix what is broken. Address the reason for the problems - weak, immature, corrupt and untrained leaders.

That vision is still the driving force behind every EMIT project, institute, and training event. We passionately invest in processes that ultimately lead to the upliftment of broken, impoverished and desperately needy communities.

EMIT believes that Africa must be the creator of her future. Leaders must take responsibility for the current situation and be actively involved in finding solutions for uniquely African challenges. The poor quality-of-life and lack of basic material welfare of the average African must become the main item on the agenda of all leaders - in rural villages, town councils, political parties, churches, civic organizations, and government.

The impetus for Africa to rise must come from within. The African leader is at the center of this revival. Africa desperately needs equipped leaders who understand the responsibility of serving her people.

The EMIT strategy is unique, and IT WORKS!

We developed an indigenous curriculum for leaders in different spheres of influence. Our material encompasses three main areas:

  • Spiritual and character development
  • Leadership development
  • Professional Skills development

EMIT trains leaders who then take the material home to train at least ten other leaders in their communities and spheres of influence. In this way, EMIT’s training is delivered to the remotest parts of the continent. We infiltrate areas where conventional institutions have no access or impact with programs that challenge and change the influencers of Africa.

Through this process, EMIT has been witness to changed lives and transformed communities.