A leader who produces other leaders multiplies their influences. - John C Maxwell

EMIT Board of Directors

Our board
of directors

The role of the Board in governing a non-profit organization cannot be overestimated. The Board makes the difference between a good non-profit and a great one. The Board supports, encourages and inspires greatness in the organization.  

Board members set corporate policies and goals and delegate authority to the CEO to implement such policies and goals in the day-to-day management of EMIT. The Board members are also trustees of EMIT who approve an annual budget that ensures it can meet its financial needs. In addition, the board members monitor the overall financial health of EMIT by reviewing annual reports of an auditor.  

Emit is priveliged to have very effective and involved Boards in the USA and South Africa. Emit also have a Global Board that is represented by members of member countries. Global Board members oversee the maintaining of standards, policies and procedures of EMIT globally.