Vision-A Strategic Approach to the Future 

In 1993, two visionaries dreamed of an Africa that is prosperous and self-sufficient. Chris de Wet and Karel Sanders knew that this was an ambitious vision. Their plan was simple but very strategic: do not waste time, energy and resources on treating symptoms - fix what is broken. Address the reason for the problems - weak, immature, corrupt and untrained leaders.  

That vision is still the driving force behind every EMIT project, institute, and training event. We passionately invest in processes that ultimately lead to the upliftment of broken, impoverished and desperately needy communities. 

The role of leadership in society should not be underestimated. In a culture that seems to follow any one with an idea, good or bad, the importance of what true leadership should look like, becomes more important than ever before.  

EMIT has a very clear picture of what Africa could look like if her leaders are trained to serve the communities, they operate in. We understand the unique challenges of this continent. We are objective about past failures. We are not deterred by the scale of the obstacles. We are prepared and focused to bring positive change to a vibrant new generation of leaders.   

The Vision: Transforming Nations by Developing Leaders 

Most of Africa’s problems can be traced directly to bad leadership. Communities and Nations are suffering the consequences of corrupt and self-serving leaders. The transformation of communities is the end goal of all of our materials and training events.  

EMIT responds to the unprecedented awakening and growth in Africa.  Serving approximately 25,000 leaders from all walks of life per year, EMIT is striving to transform communities by training and developing the leaders in the communities.  

Commitment to the Vision 

To see this vision fulfilled, EMIT is committed to train and equip leaders to become the change agents this continent so desperately needs. Considering the massive population growth, technical advancements, and the changing economic and political landscape in most African nations, the need for transformational leadership has become an even bigger drive for EMIT. We want to see strong, trained leaders that will reproduce strong and vibrant communities. 

The Values Behind the Vision 

  • EMIT believes every nation already has leaders. Thus, our primary vision is to develop and train existing leaders into transformational leaders with our wholistic model. 
  • EMIT is committed to wholistic Leadership Development. On individual level, EMIT develops spiritual, leadership and professional skills. On societal level, EMIT targets all significant pillars of the community. 
  • Impact through multiplication is built into EMIT’s genetic code. Every leader we train is obligated to mentor at least ten other leaders utilizing the transformational tools they receive from EMIT. 
  • EMIT develops leaders with a clear understanding of the values needed for leaders to be agents of change that transform their communities and nations.