It’s Working!

EMIT leaders are transforming their communities.

Meet Mervis Malambo. Mervis initially trained for Youth Ministry with Teen Missions.  She worked with them for a couple of years in Zambia and the USA. After returning to Africa, she started working with Rock of Hope ministries in a town called Kabwe in Zambia. It is here where she was introduced to the training of EMIT.  She enrolled to the Pastoral Leadership Program and graduated 4 years later. Mervis later completed her Bachelor’s in Theology.  

Mervis’ passion for her community was evident right from the start.  She also understood the principle of influence and the role that leaders could play in the transforming of their communities.  In 2017 she was selected to become a project leader for the two Pastoral and one Women Leadership Program.  

The need of the younger generation spoke to Mervis early on in her ministry.  She became a strong advocate for issues pertaining the youth.  The importance of well-trained youth leaders is one of her passions.  She believes that young people are the leaders of today rather than tomorrow. 

Mervis played a huge role in implementing the small group model in the three programs that she oversees in Zambia.  She realized the potential of the small group model, and immediately started influencing the leaders in the small groups to be more involved in their communities.  She became the biggest cheerleader for community involvement and transformation in Zambia.  Her teams made a huge difference during COVID by serving in different projects.  

Students were mobilized to embarked on a program to help the needy. They received training on creative thinking and implementing change.  This led to multiple initiatives that impacted communities positively all over the country.  

In one of these projects, Mervis encouraged students to reach out to parents whose children were admitted to hospital.  These parents would stay on the hospital grounds in temporary shelters until their kids are released.  Many of these parents would not have any food or other basic needs.  The teams took responsibility for these parents by preparing meals and serving them with love and dignity.  

Mervis says: “We have learnt so much from EMIT. A huge investment was made into our training and development. It is time for us to give back.  We want to be a blessing in our community. We want to be part of community transformation.  As leaders we want to make a difference, even if this means sharing the little, we have in our own homes.  We will continue to do so as long as the need exists. I am amazed to see the big difference that was made by our humble gifts and service.  God is faithful.”

It is testimonies like this that EMIT lives for. We get energized by the transformation that is brought on by the leaders we equip.