From the Heart of an Alumni Lady from Uganda

The benefits EMIT brings to thousands of women in Africa

We were excited to have an opportunity to minister in the first ever EMIT Pastors Conference, it was at the UMA Show Grounds in Lugogo, Kampala. Being in my early 20s, I was full of joy because I was one of the youths in the worship team which also served as the Mass Choir. We danced and sang with all our strength and worshiped with all our hearts and that was all that mattered to us. We actually thought that the message was for pastors not ours. I was also privileged to serve as one of the interpreters then but we were shocked when we heard the messages from men of God like Bishop Shonga. The messages were for all of us, they taught us about leadership, they emphasized integrity and then they awakened the gift of leadership in me, I was encouraged not to give up no matter the challenges that come my way.

With time, I got so busy with my day to day schedules not until the Women’s School was opened up. I was so happy to be one of the first ladies to benefit from it. What a blessing because I knew what EMIT meant, the wholesome teachings that they give that are life-changing and based on Biblical principles. This time round, we were empowered with very special teachings that all women can relate to. Teachings about Trauma, emotional intelligence and on World View gave me a new perspective about how to deal with the people that I lead or relate to. They sharpened my interpersonal skills and helped me to understand myself as a woman leader and to understand people under my leadership better.

Being the Executive Director of Heart to Heart Initiative, an organization that serves children and families in the Ugandan communities, the EMIT Women’s School has been very helpful to me. I have been able to transfer the knowledge and skills that I gained from EMIT and use them in my day to day work.

The benefits are far beyond one’s initial expectations:

  • My personal life was sharpened. I am able to relate to all the teachings like on Trauma, Marriage, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence among others. Besides, we were given books that I usually refer to when I need to revisit a topic. This has helped me to grow day by day.
  • We were given permission to teach from the EMIT books. I have been privileged to teach women groups in my community especially on teachings of Health, Family and Marriage.
  • The women have loved these classes a lot because they can easily relate them to their day to day life. This helps us to have a foundation of our community counselling sessions.
  • The EMIT Leadership School has been a great networking opportunity too. I was able to meet ladies from all fields; church leaders, politicians, government representatives, business women and those from different organizations and companies. By the end of our school sessions, we were a family. I had made friends who have been very helpful to me, my husband and our organization.

In all, I appreciate God for having given me this opportunity to both study and serve in EMIT. For over 10 years, since EMIT came to Uganda, I have been blessed to serve as an interpreter to date. I have had opportunities to serve as a co teacher in some sessions where I have also shared in areas of my experience and expertise in the different classes. This is because I have been equipped with knowledge and skills that are worthwhile. I also appreciate my Pastor, Bishop John Kasiita for having believed in me and introduced me to such a wonderful program.

Thank you EMIT Team for empowering me, surely in so doing, you have empowered many other women that I have reached out and shared with. You have indeed built a lasting legacy, may God bless you.

Sarah Kwagala Kasozi,
EMIT Alumni.