Karen in Namibia offers a healing facility for the whole family

Karen Feris from Rehoboth, Namibia completed our Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI) and is currently enrolled in the Women Leadership Institute (WLI). She served on the PLI committee and is currently serving on the WLI committee.

Karen started an NGO in 2012 called Karen’s Life Change Centre (KLCC). It is her mission to serve the community, improving their quality of life and transferring knowledge and skills through training, counseling, and rehabilitation. To shine God’s light and make a difference in a community that is ravaged by atrocities such as rampant alcoholism, drug abuse, femicide, and child abuse, may seem like an impossible task. Still, it is a calling Karen feels He has placed on her heart.

An essential aspect of KLCC’s purpose is to offer a healing facility for the whole family. As Karen says,

Family units need to be healed. You may find in a family that there are different individuals, each with their own illness.

Family members may be addicted to alcohol or drugs, lost to prostitution, and marriages may be broken. We want to support them, help them find the cure and train them. We do this, so they can be self-sufficient when they leave the care of the center. Our vision is to equip, skill and train.

The training and inspiration that Karen receives through EMIT are invaluable to the execution of the vision that God gave her. She is a living example of the transformation that happens in a community when leaders are equipped to be more effective.