EMIT believes that Africa’s ability to weather her storms is in the hands of her leaders. 

In March 2020 the east coast of Africa was hit by a category two cyclone. It was more than 400 miles wide. “ldai” made landfall over a city called Beira in Mozambique. Less than six weeks later cyclone Kenneth, dealt a hard blow to Northern Mozambique about 600 miles North of ldai’s impact zone. ldai and Kenneth were two of the top five worst storms to ever hit Mozam­bique.

In a first-world setting, natural disasters such as these are devastating, despite robust infrastructure, massive funding, highly trained responders and expert decision-makers. Imagine the devastation of such storms in a third-world context that lacks the preparation, funding, training, infrastruc­ture and equipped leadership. Catastrophic flooding from the two storms affected close to 2.2 million people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi - almost 2000 people were killed, and many more missing. Close to 800 000 people lost their homes and livelihood.

EMIT believes that Africa’s ability to weather her storms is in the hands of her leaders. We contend that the main reason for the vulnerability and poverty of Africa is that her leaders have failed her. Who foots the bill for ill-equipped or corrupt leadership? That price is always paid by the weakest and most vulnerable in society.

EMIT’s mission is to address the critical issues of why Africa struggles. By training leaders, we serve communities in all spheres of society - our programs impact leaders from a grassroots level to CEO’s and high-ranking government officials. These leaders rise above their circumstances; with renewed responsibility, they bring hope and skills to the communities they serve. This is why we exist - to transform nations.

Impoverished, suffering societies become testimonies of victory and prosperity.
It is EMIT’s privilege in 2020 to support leaders from all spheres of influ­ence in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi as they resolutely work to re­build their communities. These stories of transformation are now becoming the norm in Africa. It is our honor to be a significant role player in changing the narrative.

This report is an overview of the successes and challenges of EMIT in 2019. Our prayer is that you will share our excitement as you page through the stories of reform and hope - may they encourage you to continue believ­ing that Africa will be transformed in our generation.