EMIT training gave Elvis the confidence to advise politicians and business people

The testimony of Dr. Elvis Joseph is one of our EMIT success stories. Elvis grew up being passed from relative to relative, moving from one family to the next. Not knowing his father, he grew up questioning who he was and his purpose for existence.

Then, as an eighteen-year-old teenager, Elvis had an encounter with God and felt called to ministry. He worked tirelessly as a minister without any form of training. But, as he says in his own words,

“I was like a mechanic without any tools. It’s like riding a bicycle without handles. I was trying very hard, but I was not effective at all”.

Elvis studied with EMIT and gradually saw the effects in his ministry. He felt challenged to get involved in his community and also wanted to continue his studies. Elvis attained his Ph.D. in Theology, but more importantly, he is transforming his local communities.

Because of the training and exposure from EMIT, Elvis now rubs shoulders with politicians and business people. This influence gives Elvis an incredible opportunity to bring transformation to communities that desperately need it.

Elvis is happily married to Rutendo and has two beautiful daughters.