Transformational leadership builds strong communities.

For decades, Africa has been at the top of the list of territories receiving international aid to mitigate various man-made and natural disasters. Despite a sustained aid effort by the international community, Africa has yet to show that it can deal with its recurring calamities. This scenario exists because it lacks one primary ingredient, transformational leaders. There can only be a sustainable developmental agenda with visionary leadership! It is here that the story of EMIT becomes relevant.

 2022 has been a significant one for EMIT. We witnessed how visionary leadership positively impacted communities, bringing hope and dignity to people in our sphere of influence. Building shelters for vulnerable community members, empowering women with entrepreneurial and survival skills, training transformational leaders, and empowering refugees with tools to earn a decent income, is part of our story.

All these projects took place because people understood that they could shape their future by rising above their challenges and getting engaged in finding solutions instead of sitting back and waiting for aid.

We raise and train local leaders intending to inspire their communities towards sustainable developmental projects. As this report will show, there have been inspiring projects, and the list is still growing. We believe that when people begin to address their problems to find solutions, they own the transformational agenda and become accountable for its outcome.

EMIT has made accountability a crucial aspect of the training of our leaders. Our trained leaders serve in various departments in their countries; legal, academic, religious, political, and entrepreneurial. These people are professionals in their respective fields but have also trained with us to enhance their leadership capacities. We’re honored to inspire a transformational agenda in people from all backgrounds in our continent.

We are grateful to our Board and partners who made our transformational journey possible. We pledge to continue devoting ourselves to investing in people who bring positive change to their communities.

Special thanks to our EMIT staff for outstanding achievements in 2022. Even though we had to deal with challenging circumstances, we emerged stronger.