The leader as an agent for 
positive change. 

When we look at history, we see many outstand­ing individuals that influenced others in their generation. From Genghis Khan to George Wash­ington and many others in between, communi­ties have been shaped by those who led them. Some past leaders have lifted people from abject poverty and deprivation to greater economic achievements, while other leaders have had a very negative impact on their communities. 

Different names of leaders evoke either applause or disdain. However, there is no denying that all leaders exhibit one common quality - influence. They either influence their people to achieve high­er ideals, or they influence them to a path of strife and destruction. Yet, for communities to trans­form, people need to develop a new mindset. It is in this mindset shift where leaders play a crucial role. People buy into the ideology of their leaders and rally to the ideals they advocate. If leaders can be impacted by knowledge and positive fo­cus, communities can be lifted and mobilized to achieve a greater good. 

EMIT works in Africa to achieve this very purpose, transforming communities by developing these agents of change. What Africa needs is not more food aid, but a mindset change that empowers people to use the resources they have, to achieve a greater good for their communities.