People are important

COVID showed us how easy it is to miss the gift of people around us.  Before COVID humanity was busy with an endless chase for status, power, recognition, and survival.  We lived selfish and independent lives.  The importance of the people around us was not a priority. Strict lockdown regulations all over the world had a huge negative impact on humanity.  The denial of basic human interaction led to many social problems.  There has been a surge in suicides, cases of depression, increased family violence, and child abuse, to name a few.  Lockdowns made us realize the importance of relationships and interaction with other people.  God did not create us to be independent but interdependent.  We realized that we need family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers to make life interesting and worthwhile.  We experienced the joy of hearing another person’s voice on the phone.  We learned again the value of giving.  Interaction with other people regained its value.  The foolishness of isolation from others is most probably one of the biggest lessons learned. 

Freedom is important

The ability to move freely and visit with those who you love, to go to work, to travel, to have adventure and fun, to enjoy the beauty of nature, were all taken away from us with one swift decision.  The value of these freedoms became exceptionally clear during the last 9 months.  We should learn from the past couple of months that we should value our freedom.  Freedom must not be wasted or taken for granted.

Your creativity is bigger than your circumstances

2020 forced humanity to overcome one of the biggest challenges of our modern era.  We had to adjust to a new world with new rules and new challenges.  Old normals become obsolete.  New normals and new rules still do not exist. And maybe this is a good thing.  Before COVID-19 we were accustomed to a well-known, pre-arranged, and conventional lifestyle.  We now have the opportunity to create a new normal that will fit our individual needs and character.  We can become creative with our gifts to delete the boring out of our existence.  Do not long for or go back to the old normal.  Let’s learn from our flawed past.  Be adventurous!  Take risks!  Do not be afraid to make mistakes.  Learn from your failures.  Be creative!