EMIT Report 2021 - Portuguese Speaking Countries

2020 was a year of great difficulty for all when the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdowns increased the burden of the financial crisis as a result of corruption in many countries. Our Lusophone countries did not suffer less.  Amidst all that, there was another cyclone in Mozambique and human rights abuse in Angola which has gone unpunished. These continue to be the descriptions of the situation in the Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa. Surely we cannot put aside that extreme poverty is an inevitable result for most citizens. Those in rural areas suffer the most, as well as those that venture into big cities with a dream of better conditions, finding themselves at the mercy of streetwise youngsters as well as police looking for a “gasosa” (some sort of quick cash so they can let you go).

Situations like these normally make people try to flee to other countries and regions, but different this time, with all borders closed to and from any other country, bringing a heightened feeling of desperation and hopelessness. This caused some to practice “quick kidnappings” or highjackings amidst more affluent people and foreigners who did not return home when the borders closed.

EMIT was able to address the challenges of Lockdown and closed borders with a new adult training concept. The Committees in Angola were eager to accept the new way of training in small groups. 

Facilitators were trained via MS Teams and Zoom platforms. By November 2020 we were able to have the first meeting with 19 small groups all over the country. Response from our teams has been largely positive and grateful for the innovative new model of training.  

Unfortunately, since Mozambique also suffered the cyclone we were still not able to have training sessions there, since they are still under stringent lockdown. Please pray for the people of this very poor and politically unstable country.

The Lusophone countries can say “Obrigado” for all EMIT has done.