2020 - what do we have planned?

The name change from AFMIN to EMIT was significant in more than one way. We realized in 2010 that we needed to be more relevant and effective to a new generation of leaders and the challenges they faced. The leadership of EMIT (AFMIN) knew that the time had come to increase our Kingdom impact. After five years of prayer and deliberation, the way forward was made clear by the Lord.

In 2016 EMIT was born. This new organization would build on the foundation, vision, and ethos of the old, but take a radical, vibrant and exciting new approach to leadership development and training. This approach would see EMIT expand its efforts to multiple spheres of leadership in society and make a more significant impact in the communities they serve.

One of the most significant changes was one of focus. We realized that to see changed communities and ultimately changed nations; we needed to be more intentional in our outcomes. We needed a more inclusive approach to impact and change communities from hopelessness to victory. We developed a new curriculum for women in business, church, and politics.

In 2016 the first students enrolled. What a rollercoaster ride. Thrilling. Exciting. The hunger amongst African women for training that addresses their specific needs was an eye-opener. Their response to the training-material was beyond anything we had expected. These leaders seem to be able to start community projects at will.

The success of this program proves that EMIT is addressing a need that is not currently served by others. We will, therefore, continue to implement our growth strategy and expand our efforts to other spheres of leadership.

We feel the urgency to equip the new generation of leaders

The development of a youth curriculum is already in advanced stages. Meetings with various stakeholders will take place in the second half of 2020. We will roll out pilot programs at the beginning of 2021, and intend to enroll our first youth leaders in the second half of 2021. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are confident that we will continue to impact communities on the continent of Africa.

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