EMIT Report 2020 - French Speaking Countries

The prosperity and wellbeing of Francophone Africa are continuously under threat by political unrest, disease, corruption and more. These countries are some of the richest in natural resources, yet they are also some of the poorest. Despite all these challenges, there are many encouraging signs of progress.

Shortly after the genocide, EMIT began training leaders in Rwanda. Initially, there was distrust and hostility amongst the first leaders that attended our training. Some feared that these meetings would lead to an upheaval of the events that had led to the genocide. Gradually it became clear to the leaders that EMIT was there to serve them and their communities. EMIT responsibly addressed their concerns and fears and challenged the leaders to forgive each other. These leaders became instrumental in bringing about reconciliation, healing, and peace in their nation. The thousands of Rwandan leaders we have since trained, continue to uplift, transform and invest in their communities - a testimony that radiates throughout Francophone Africa. EMIT reconciles leaders and communities

Our training in the eastern part of DR Congo was threatened in 2019 by another Ebola outbreak. To be equipped, our dedicated leaders pressed on through many dangers. Amid the turmoil of the outbreak, our local committees served church leaders in hotspot cities such as Beni, Bunia, and Butembo. It was inspiring to see the levels of commitment that our volunteers exhibited during this difficult time. With teams like these in the French-speaking countries, we are looking forward to doing even more in 2020.