EMIT Report 2020 - English Speaking Countries

The maturity of our church members is a direct result of better-trained leaders. Church leaders trained by EMIT have greater skills, theological knowledge, and the necessary tools to equip their members for the work of the Lord. This training translates into transformational efforts like never before.

During the outbreak of the black plague in Madagascar, it was mem- bers and church leaders who stood by to help health workers stop the spread of the epidemic.

We have further seen how the women in our leadership institutes have taken up responsibility for the challenges in their communities. In Zimbabwe, some of our women have been collecting clothes and food for the flood-ravaged parts of eastern Zimbabwe. They brought supplies to a camp where over 15,000 refugees were stranded without food or shelter - a wondrous act of kindness when you consider the fact that Zimbabwe is currently one of the poorest countries on the continent. By helping their neighbors in need, these women have managed to achieve something almost unbelievable.

In the central part of Zambia, some of our women leaders have adopted a hospital. Initially, they only wanted to bring moral and spiritual support to patients but soon discovered that hundreds of parents were living outside the hospital under trees. These parents were waiting upon and visiting their admitted children. Our women leaders established a permanent soup kitchen that provides food throughout the day to the families of the patients.

We are most proud of the fact that none of these projects used money or resources from foreign donors. The initiatives were also not started by external organizations. These are local leaders who took responsibility and came up with creative solutions for the needs of their communities.