EMIT Report 2020 - Portuguese Speaking Countries

Political unrest. Natural disasters. Continued economic deterioration. These are some of the descriptions of the situation in the Portuguese speaking countries in Africa during 2019.

In Mozambique and Angola, we saw political parties continuing to fight for dominance in their respective governments. This troubling situation has led to widespread protests and disruptions in service delivery. Citizens are divided amongst party lines, and in some rural areas, this has led to violence. Corruption and weak leadership have driven these countries to the brink of total collapse with economies suffering because of the volatile situations.

Poverty is an inevitable result for most inhabitants. Those in rural areas suffer the most.

Mozambique suffered numerous natural disasters during 2019 with thousands losing all their earthly possessions. These incidents contributed to a growing feeling of desperation and hopelessness. Against this backdrop of unrest, poverty and natural disasters, EMIT’s training took place. Thousands of societal leaders were challenged and equipped to lead with moral and ethical integrity. We saw church -, political - and business leaders unite to strategize and work together for the wellbeing of their constituents.

EMIT is thankful for the openness amongst the churches and governments of these countries, enabling us to speak into the lives of the leaders and train them with Godly principles. We already see the impact of our training in the way even rural communities have taken responsibility for creating a new future for themselves and their children.